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18 March 1990
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Welcome to my Hyuksu-biased fanblog!
I realised I should've made it a community so it's easier for everyone..
But when I created this journal I didn't really think about it but ANYWAY.

So, this journal revolves mainly around the strong friendship and love between Eunhyuk (Lee Hyukjae) of Super Junior and Xiah (Kim Junsu of JYJ/DBSK.
I'll be sharing biased rants, ugly self-made images old and new Cyworld/Tweet translations, random Hyuksu facts, translated fanfiction, my own fanfiction and icons/wallpapers, convincing conspiracy theories on recent Hyuksu activity (I internet stalk them quite a fair bit hahah) so yeah! If you're interested in any of these at all, feel free to check back and comment on these posts whenever you like! And friend me if you like (just as you would watch a community) for updates to appear on your feed. ^-^ I promise to moderate my posts and not post so often hahah.

Also, I need to warn you guys, I'm very SuHyuk biased. (Well, HyukSu, it's the same thing, but as of now I think Junsu should be on top. :P Times have changed, my dear Cassielfs.) I was also originally an ELF before I discovered the perfection that is Kim Junsu, so I really wish you guys could learn to appreciate Eunhyuk as well, if you don't already. He's a really really kind darling who would give up anything for Junsu, just as he's said before that if he was stuck on an island, one friend who would definitely come looking for him regardless; is Junsu. That's the kind of beautiful friendship they share.

Jaejoong, Junsu and Yunho (and I'm sure Changmin as well) have expressed their wish for Cassiopeia and ELF to be good friends, and that's what I firmly believe in. (: I -adore- both fanclubs for being so amazing and supportive all the time and I'm so glad I've made so many Cassie and ELF friends.

Besides HyukSu, I'm also really into any sort of Dong Bang Junior (DBSJ) interaction so you'll find DBSJ centric posts here from time to time including fancams and random facts that are usually lost or not known in the English fandom. (I stalk Chinese, Japanese and Korean fansites for info as well hahah.)

So yeah! Have fun and hope I manage to turn you into more of a HyukSu fan than you were before reading this journal!